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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Plano, a suburb north of Dallas, and spend a few days getting to know the city a little better. I'd heard about the city in the Lone Star State before, when they invited me to explore some of their offerings.

It was only fitting that we stayed in a Marriott hotel because I grew up here, on a shopping trip in Plano. To have the opportunity to behave as if I were in the middle of a big city with all its shopping, restaurants and entertainment was just a beehive.

If that's your thing, you'd feel right at home here, Plano certainly has no shortage of shopping and dining options. There are three main shopping areas to visit while exploring the fun things in Planon, TX, which are detailed below. The first is the Art House District Gallery, which you can visit when you explore the sights of downtown Plano.

This museum is free and offers a wide range of exhibits on the history of Plano, Texas and its people. Make sure to include Historic Downtown in your list of the best places to see and do in Planoso Texas, we have you covered. If you choose the Art House District Gallery and the Museum of Art in the Planon Art District, you and your group will certainly enjoy getting to know Planotas Texas.

We had a wonderful time and want to be sure that although our visit to Plano was a sponsored trip, all opinions expressed in this article are our own. If you haven't read about some of the amazing food we've tasted, you should read it to see the best things we've seen and done.

By the way, we have compiled a list of "Doing Things in Planon, Texas Travel Tips" for your upcoming visit to Plano. Here you can find out where to stay, what to eat and do, and what to do in the city.

Now that we've covered # shopping and eating, let's try some of the fun outdoor activities in Plano. Full disclosure, we were first invited by Visit PlanO to stay a week at the Planon Marriott Legacy Town Center to explore Plana, Texas, and create our own list of "Plano Texas Travel Tips" with fun outdoor activities. Our trip to Plani was shorter than two nights and three days because there were many great Texas activities. The Oak Point Nature Preserve is a great place to get a taste of our great nature in Plano, and we loved our day out in the great outdoors. We worked together and worked together, but we both loved the day out in the open, so we had to go.

Plano has many great outdoor activities, including a zip-lining adventure course called Go Ape, called the "Go-Lining Adventure Course," and Russell Creek Park, where you can take part in a friendly game of cricket.

If you like to nibble on a pile, what makes this gathering place special is that it includes a great entertainment space, Box Garden, that puts you in touch with the best things to see and do in Plano, Texas and beyond. Plana itself offers a wide variety of activities, attractions, visits, activities and experiences, with the "Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival" being a long-running event.

This urban village is located in front of Legacy Hall, one of the most popular restaurants and bars in Plano, and you don't have to go far to get pampered. In recent years, LegacyHall has opened its doors to the city and is a great place to eat, drink, meet and greet. The Shops Legacy is filled with people outside the historic Legacy Hotel and a bouncy nightlife - for watching, shopping and dining, as well as a variety of restaurants.

Dallas - Plano is a great place to make your Texas getaway happen - surrounded by iconic Texas farmland and steeped in pioneering history, making it one of the most historic cities in Texas. A great hotel located in the historic Legacy Hotel, just blocks from Legacy Hall and the city center.

Visit historic downtown Plano, grab some delicious popcorn at Crave Popcorn & Co. and grab a family member or friend who's not lucky enough to call Texas home. If you visit this medium-sized city north of Dallas, you'll probably have a great time. The Hub Streat is the perfect place to be in PlanO if you happen to be a Green Bay Packers fan.

Southfork's story began in 1978 when Lorimar Productions chose this North Texas showplace as the location for the CBS television series Dallas. As part of the larger DFW area, Plano is often overshadowed by its larger neighbor Dallas, but because Fortune 500 companies call it home, it has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the country in the 20th century.

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