Plano Texas Sheraton Hotel

Welcome to the Plano Texas Sheraton, a new hotel located in Northwest Dallas, Texas, just a short drive from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. This North Dallas hotel offers a welcoming and flexible space to work and relax in your own home or office.

Guests can play billiards, watch the big game or surf the internet using the free Wi-Fi in the Remix Lounge. Visit our bar and lounge area for a quick evening meal or enjoy the LCD HDTV.

If you forget something, there is a 24-hour convenience store on site and we offer free shopping. Use them to allow you more time to explore and relax or to spend a short holiday. The hotel's free shuttle service runs daily from 9 am to 5 pm and takes you within 5 km of the hotel. If you are moving to the Richardson area, our friendly team will help you make the most of your stay.

Whatever is on your agenda, you know that a comfortable room awaits your return when you stay with us. Our rooms offer the comfort of home and feature a wide range of amenities including a private pool, private shower and private bathroom.

Cook your favourite meals in our fully equipped kitchen and enjoy the connection to free Wi-Fi. Have fun and have a good time in your hotel room while you are connected to the rest of the world via our free Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

Take advantage of our courtyard terrace and watch a movie on our 32-inch HDTV with cable channels or work and relax in our newly renovated room. Work or stay connected to our handy laptop desk or use our free WiFi and work from your desk under our adjustable lamp.

Recharge your batteries for the day ahead with a complimentary hot breakfast in the hotel lobby or just try it - to fortify yourself in our 24-hour market. Start your day with our complimentary hot breakfast buffet and then work out in our fitness center or outdoor pool. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or beer in one of our many bars and restaurants and grab a few snacks at the 24-hour market or head to the restaurant for a quick lunch.

Spend the afternoon visiting the legacy shops, watching a game at Toyota Stadium, or meeting with colleagues from the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Enjoy a delicious meal at the Moxie Grill & Bar or watch the Texas A & M football game between the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys. Work out in our modern gym or in the swimming pool or outdoor pool. Part of your visit should also be part of a collective meeting held at the Plano Texas Sheraton Hotel or one of our many restaurants. Many have praised the benefits of conferences that could take place here and the benefits that this area must have.

We have seen the success of the Plano Texas Sheraton Hotel and its sister hotel in Dallas - Fort Worth, which has been encouraged to develop a Broadway tour that will feed into the Texas A & M College of Business and the University of Texas at Dallas. It has been going on for over 30 years and has inspired the development of many new businesses in Texas, Texas and around the world. We live off the Ford Foundation's seed money, which has benefited the Dallas / Fortworth area, the Houston area and other parts of North Texas.

This year's Model Movement conference will take place in Boston from June 21-23 and will conclude next summer with the TCG conference, followed by a conference in Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas, from June 29-30.

North Texas is one of three semifinalists, including Houston and KC, which are ranked second and third, respectively, with guest performers from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They will be joined by a number of guest speakers, including a guest actor from the United States and a guest from Canada. Communication "is perhaps the best read - and - read - communication in the entire TCG community, not just in Texas.

When two TCG employees visited in December, I worked to place them on the theater stage in North Texas. The grant was partly triggered by a grant from the Ford Foundation, which the foundation recognizes as one of the most important grants in the history of theater and theater development in Texas. As several people have also noted, the TCG received a $1.5 million grant in its first year of operation, and it began with another Ford Foundation grant in 1961.

As someone who has been to the property before, I can tell you about others and enjoy the range of all-inclusive perks to make you feel at home. I enjoyed the hospitality of the staff at the Plano Texas Sheraton Hotel and its staff and enjoy all the amenities.

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More About Plano