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The InterContinental Dallas (Uptown) Hotel will be owned and managed by IHG and owned by the Dallas - Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau (DTCB) and the City of Dallas. The development of the new Intercontinental (r) was announced today by Intercontinental Hotels Group, Inc., a leading hotel company in the United States and one of the largest hotel companies in the United States.

The luxury hotel, which is scheduled to open in early 2022, will be located in a mixed-use development in Plano's uptown neighborhood. Located by the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel and the Dallas - Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau (DTCB), the area will include office space, shops and corporate apartments and will host some of the city's most popular restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Located on the west side of downtown Dallas, this hotel is in one of the busiest and liveliest areas of the city. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas at the intersection of North Main Street and North Dallas Avenue, this hotel is also just a few blocks from the downtown Convention Center. Major attractions such as the Texas A & M University campus, JP Morgan Chase Center and Dallas World Trade Center are also within easy reach.

The GREENspot DROPoff is an e-waste recycling center where you can recycle your e / waste for free at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel in Plano, Texas. SA and more can be recycled in the hotel parking lot for just $5 per ton of waste and $1 per gallon of water.

For Orlando and central Florida, you'll find Greenspot DROPoff Drive - through the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel Recycling Center in Plano, Texas, just a few blocks from the hotel.

The InterContinental Hotels Group has more than 100 hotel projects in the Austin, Dallas and Houston metro areas, including the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel, IHG Texas Hotel & Suites and the International Hotel Group in Plano, Texas. Guests can register on to download I hG (r) or to sign up for a personal account. If you are using a campus computer for the first time, you can use this email address to create an account or to check if it is free. UT Southwestern IP addresses, please call 1-888-211-9874 for more information about the University of Texas at Austin (UT) Southwestern IP addresses.

The Intercontinental Dallas Hotel, IHG Texas Hotel & Suites and the International Hotel Group in Plano, Texas, have a 1,000-room hotel with an average floor space of 2,500 square feet. Other hotel features include a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre, spa and fitness area, as well as an indoor pool and outdoor terrace.

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Employees at Ponce Recycling, Inc. (1098) can assist you in unloading and separating materials. See you on Tuesday, March 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Recycling Center on the second floor of the Plano Texas Intercontinental Hotel.

The hotel, located at 5290 Memorial Drive, owned and managed by Zeal Hotels Group and Magnolia Hospitality Services, is located on the Burbank property on the corner of Oxford and Clifton Dr. Member said, "We look forward to continuing our partnership with IHG and Zeal hotels group to bring the InterContinental brand back to the Dallas area. Americas ihg is proud to partner with Highland Capital to bring the intercontinental brand back to Dallas and provide prestigious luxury services to business and leisure travelers worldwide, said John D. Smith, President and CEO of Americas IhG.

The Cityplace Tower is a natural place for an InterContinental hotel, with its sweeping panoramic views of the Florida Keys and the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Florida State Park, located south at the tip of Key Biscayne, offers stunning views of emerald waters, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida's most popular tourist destination Miami Beach. Moon's company, which has been in business since the mid-1980s, has built more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada.

The city's growing leisure and restaurant scene attracts more and more vacationers, filling rooms at weekends and filling guest rooms at weekends, making it an ideal location for an InterContinental hotel, said David Ferroni, Hilton's Southwest Region Development Director. Marriott plans to open eight hotels in the city of Plano with a total of more than 1,000 rooms in 2017, and eight more in 2018 and 2019, the company said. The Frisco complex will also provide Texas Health PMRSIG RSVP's to attend the annual meeting of the American Association of Realtors, the nation's largest hotel and resort association. Hilton, which began in Miami, San Francisco and New York, is now also on its way to Austin, Ferronsi said, starting with the opening of its first hotel in Dallas-Fort Worth in 2014.

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