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SAO has identified significant results in the Julia ore zone and has targeted the Julia vein located within the main orange mine currently being mined. SAO is targeting a total of 2,500 m2 of gold and 1,000 m3 of silver at JuliaVein, located within a 2.5 km radius of the currently mined mainland Orebody.

In parallel to the drilling, several trench and rock chipping programs were conducted to test surface grades. The Julia Zone was first identified when the mine opened in 2015, but did not produce particularly encouraging results at the time. After examining a number of other areas within the Julia Orebody, such as the South Zone, it was only after examinations that it was found to have a mineable width and a mine-rich content that were detected at that time. Although the sample is far from complete, the first screening is also very exciting.

The fact that so encouraging results have been achieved so quickly in this programme is truly gratifying and supports our initial hopes for the region. Sao Domingos is an estate we had been looking to acquire for some time and we wasted little time getting inside and forgot to explore until we ran out. After the successful exploration of the Julia Orebody in the Southern Zone, which encouraged us, the Company has decided to focus on a new exploration area located north of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city and capital.

The Toucano Project has three artisanal open-cast mines, which are being mined in a 20 metre wide mineralised zone at depth. Eight of the holes drilled have significant grades of 7 - 23 g / t gold. Recent success has shown that the Juliazone is potentially expanding and could well extend eastwards.

The drilling program is running - and running And we are working as quickly as possible to complete the first drilling. Access was secured only in late November and approximately 30 drill holes have been drilled, the results of which are still pending. Geophysical investigations can be conducted on the ground or in the air, and geophysical methods include geophysics, magnetic surveying, geochronology, hydrogeology and magnetic spectroscopy.

As a rule, the company sends duplicate samples from various company activities to accredited laboratories for independent verification. Serabi closely monitors the performance of its own facilities and, based on the results of this work, management is satisfied that its own facility has the best correlation with the independent laboratory facility. The results of the investigation as set forth in the table in this press release have not been independently verified and are intended to provide an accurate representation of the quality of the investigation data currently available.

For more details, please see the footnotes at the end of this press release. Palito Assays has not been certified for analysis and the company would expect that the independent author of the statement would not use any of its analysis results in the future and would only use the analysis results reported by a suitably certified laboratory.

The person who initiated this announcement on behalf of the company is Clive Line, Director. The scientific and technical information contained in the announcement has been reviewed and approved by Michael Hodgson, a director of the Company. Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in its policies) has endorsed or disapproved of the content of this release.

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